Synyster Gates on The Blockcrunch Podcast.

Synyster Gates was a guest on The Blockcrunch Podcast with Jason Choi and talked about how he got into crypto and NFTs, purchasing Mr. Bungles NFTs, Deathbats Club, how COVID ushered in the virtual fandom, … Read More

M. Shadows on Mint.

M. Shadows was a guest on Mint and talked about his journey into crypto, why he thinks gaming has gravitated towards crypto, Avenged Sevenfold’s “Into The Ether” NFT and how Deathbats Club came to be, … Read More

12 Years.

“Now I think I understand, how this world can overcome a man.” There will never be another one like you Jimmy. Not a day goes by where I don’t love and miss you❤️ — ZV … Read More

M. Shadows Talks With Loudwire.

M. Shadows talked with Loudwire about how he sees Deathbats Club as a way to connect with fans, how tokenizing things makes it easier for them to communicate and give token holders more, why their … Read More

Deathbats Club Now Minting!

Public sale has started for Deathbats Club. Mint yours here and get ready for reveal upon sell out or Wednesday, 10am PT.

Happy Birthday, Zacky Vengeance!

till cooler than cool, after ALL these years… Happy Birthday, ZV! Still cooler than cool, after ALL these years… Happy Birthday, ZV! @Vengenz1 #40oz — Avenged Sevenfold (@TheOfficialA7X) December 11, 2021

M. Shadows On The Seventh Lair Podcast.

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M. Shadows Talks With Stockhead.

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