Zacky Vengeance Talks About Coming Back To Finland, Karaoke And More. - Avenged Sevenfold

Zacky Vengeance Talks About Coming Back To Finland, Karaoke And More.

Suosikki spoke with Zacky Vengeance at Provinssirock 2011 about heading back to Finland, Finnish bands, dogs, karaoke and more.

The Californian metal band Avenged Sevenfold gave their fans a rare treat arriving in Seinäjoki on Thursday and going straight to a local karaoke bar. It was a total surprise when the American badn came in with their festive mood. There were a few fans in the bar who recognized the members of A7X and they shared in the mood.

“The night was one of the tours funniest. We sang ‘Duran Duran’ among others with our own lyrics,” guitarist Zacky Vengeance told Suosikki.

At the Provinssirock gig you couldn’t tell the band were hungover though M Shadows continually teased lead guitarist Synyster Gates for how he felt. “Well Gates, how are you feeling?” Shadows said a few times during the concert and the guitarist rolled his eyes in agony.

The show kicked off at 9:30pm on Friday night with the song “Nightmare” and the band did a very good job.

Suosikki met up with Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Zacky Vengeance backstage at Provinssirock. The popular band’s gig was only a little over an hour and the interview time was 10 minutes during which we got to ask a few questions.

S: Who is your idol?
ZV: Difficult question. I will say that the whole band: Metallica. They have had an incredibly long career despite difficulties, but they have acquitted themselves as pioneers and still make great music. I greatly admire everything they have done.

S: What is the most important A7X song to you?
ZV: The most important is “A Little Piece of Heaven.” We produced an album with that song all by ourselves and we decided it would drive us to put any kind of music. The song is completely different from what people were waiting for from us at that point and that is why we like it very much.

S: What is the most fun song to play live?
ZV: I love playing “Buried Alive.” It is really fun playing the guitar, especially at that stage how the track changes in the middle of everything.

S: What do you remember from your previous visit to Finland?
ZV: Finland was great! The last time we were in Helsinki, it was cold and snow came. It was the biggest gig we had played. The first time in a new country or place is always exciting.

S: Finnish bands, what do you think of them?
ZV: It seems that so many metal bands come from Finland but I do not remember all of them. Sonata Arctica? Are they from here? The whole band loves them! Especially in the early years when we were touring venues, we listened to them a lot. I’ve never seen them live, which is annoying.

S: What’s the most memorable gift you’ve received from fans?
ZV: I guess it’s.. when Jimmy passed away the fans made us a book that consisted of letters written to us which had come from around the world. The fans wanted us to continue as a band. It is surely the greatest gift the whole band has received.

S: Tell us something fun you’ve done on tour here.
ZV: Yesterday evening! We took over a local karaoke bar and song many songs.

S: What do you miss most from home when you’re on tour?
ZV: I miss my dogs. I have two dogs. I would like to bring them with me everywhere but the second one, named Majesty, is just too big. The other, Ichabod, is just too nasty. I do not even know what breed Ichabod is but he is the worlds meanest dog. I miss him still.