Zacky Vengeance Talks To Lehigh Valley's The Morning Call. - Avenged Sevenfold

Zacky Vengeance Talks To Lehigh Valley's The Morning Call.

Zacky Vengeance talked to Lehigh Valley’s  The Morning Call about taking the next step with “Hail To The King,” the pressure of making “Nightmare” after losing Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, playing for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait, and more.

Vengeance says that with “Hail to the King,” Avenged Sevenfold made a conscious decision to return to basic heavy metal music.

“With ‘Hail to the King,’ what we really focused on is looking at all the bands that made us love heavy metal and all of the reasons within those songs that we love heavy metal and hard rock,” he says. “A lot of those songs, they’re so heavy and so powerful, yet they maintain a lot more simplistic elements that we really tried incorporating.

“You know, we all got carried away and started over-complicating the drums, and adding tons of vocal harmonies. And this time, we just focused on more straight-forward heavy-metal hard rock in a classic sense: Huge drums, really powerful guitars, ripping your face vocals and wailing guitar solos. I mean, that’s really what it really all comes down to. That’s kind of the core of heavy metal hard rock.”