Zacky Vengeance Talks Bloody-Disgusting Selects' "Yellowbrickroad." - Avenged Sevenfold

Zacky Vengeance Talks Bloody-Disgusting Selects' "Yellowbrickroad."

At the beginning of the month it was announced that Zacky Vengeance would be teaming up with Bloody-Disgusting to share his thoughts on some horror movies. The first movie up is Bloody-Disgusting Select’s “Yellowbrickroad” in which Zacky shares his thoughts regarding the trailer for the film. Watch the trailer here.

“I always keep a solid arsenal of classic and current horror movies around. It’s always nice however being on the ground floor of something new and great. I came across this trailer for Yellowbrickroad and it looks like it’s gonna be pretty awesome. What do you guys think?”
-Zacky Vengeance