Zacky Vengeance Speaks With Brazil's G1. - Avenged Sevenfold

Zacky Vengeance Speaks With Brazil's G1.

Zacky Vengeance recently called into Brazil’s G1 and touched on a few topics such as the band returning Brazil, Arin Ilejay, Vengeance University and more.

The reunion with the fans is just one of the reasons that made the group return, after concerts in 2008 and last year. “The steakhouses are awesome and caipirinhas … There’s no way to go there and do not take many” jokes. “Not many people would have imagined that the festival was really beyond any expectation. We knew we would be there, but had no idea it would be so many,” says the musician.

To further connect with their fans, Zacky has created a clothing line called Vengeance University. “I did it just for fun and try new things,” he explains. “I like to be creative, enjoy interacting with the fans when I create the pieces. I am passionate about design, always drawn from Avenged products. It’s a hobby,” says.

Another hobby has done far more dangerous part of the routine of the guitarist. In the previous bands Avenged Sevenfold, there are rumors on fan pages that account for a practice not recommended. “Before we started with Avenged actually stole some equipment at school, particularly microphones. We had no money … We can say that borrowed and will return soon,” he says, without containing laughter.

The conversation turns serious when it comes time to ask about the death of drummer The Rev, victim of an accidental overdose in 2009. “When he died, was the hardest thing that ever happened. It was strange to keep playing, making music without him,” he recalls.

At the last visit to Brazil, the holder of the drumsticks was Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater) . The post is now with Arin Ilejay of 22 years. “He is one of the best in the world I’ve ever seen, is phenomenal and the style is amazing. Seeing him play reminds me of The Rev. Arin will still improve as a person and musician. He seized the opportunity, says it’s a dream . Jimmy would be happy with this guy. He has fun when he plays. ”

Before reaching the top of the list of CDs in the U.S., the group has won another feat. They won the MTV Music Awards for Revelation in 2006. Vengeance has been hit like Rihanna and Chris Brown, who competed and were favorites in the category.

“It was incredible. We thought we would win. We proved to the world that there is definitely a chance for hard rock and metal. We showed our strength. We do not want to be celebrities, only care about the fans,” says.

Thanks to Caroline for sending this in.