Zacky Vengeance: I Think Metal Is Due For A Revival. - Avenged Sevenfold

Zacky Vengeance: I Think Metal Is Due For A Revival.

Zacky Vengeance spoke to the Omaha World News about how “The Stage World Tour” has been, the metal genre’s popularity, the album “The Stage” being fun to play live, and more.

Q. “The Stage” has a different feel in some ways from previous records. I feel like there’s more of an experimental vibe. Is that fun to play live?

A. Absolutely. It lends itself for awesome visuals that we’ve incorporated into the show. There are a lot more dynamics. There’s also a lot more energy and more surreal, calm ethereal moments to let the crowd get a little bit of a break from unrelenting loud metal and rock. We give them a chance to enjoy their surroundings. It feels like it’s got a really good flow to the set.

We spend so, so much time planning and plotting every aspect of how it’s gonna look. And we take it seriously. Once we play the first concert, we get a video recording. We’re sitting there watching it, myself especially, and analyzing what we can do better. We’re really trying to be perfect. I spent so much time working on the music videos and the artwork. And all the guys spent so much time working on the albums and making it perfect.

We’re one of the most hands-on bands that I’ve ever met. I think that’s what our fans kind of appreciate.