Zacky Vengeance Interview With Geki Rock, M Shadows In Rockin' On Mag & A7X In Grindhouse. - Avenged Sevenfold

Zacky Vengeance Interview With Geki Rock, M Shadows In Rockin' On Mag & A7X In Grindhouse.

Lots of stuff from Japan! Avenged Sevenfold are set to be featured in Vol 61 of Grindhouse Magazine on shelves on July 31st. A interview with M Shadows will be in the September issue of Rockin’ On magazine due in stores August 1st. And last but not least, You can read the translated version of Zacky Vengeance’s interview with Geki Rock right here. Keep in mind, it’s not perfectly translated nor is the excerpt of it below:

I felt the song was more abundant variations. Among them are two buses explode “Natural Born Killer” M Shadows and impressive shout of “God Hates Us” that I felt more aggressive in heavy music and led by any previous game. The work now is “angry.” What was an important factor?
– Yes. “God Hates Us” as the song is, I expressed anger to the music and things go wrong. I have to express emotions directly at us was in the album. A dark, so this way, the sad, I finished work for the world feels for of frustration. In addition to the songer “anger” about the song because throughout the album “anger” is, you could say, it was certainly an important factor. But “anger” are scatterd, now anger me like an idiot just to say that, somewhere in a sad, dark somewhere, so “angry” Im expressing.

“Nightmare” the illustration of the album, without knowing at once, I went and made clear that little by little bits and pieces like a puzzle released over 18 days. This idea was born, was it you?
– This is actually my idea. We’re very proud I have to send to the world as a band and of course on the album cover. Therefore, not once it was published, I just decided to publish it in small quantities over 18 times. You think the fans are excited that way, I think the fans would enjoy it. We’re a band that I think care for their fans more then others. Very important to have exchanges with the fans, members go to fan site that I sometimes write to. The the fans are very pleased to help. Im happy we can look at the reaction. Because I love the fans, who am I to split the 18 pieces. Everyone has to observe one single piece, I wanted to learn from. Found to increase the expectations of the fans will be as if we published the piece. We’re fans, I always want to be together outside the venue.

Thanks to Heather from Deathbat-JP for sending all of this in! I’ll have a better translation for you guys some time this week thanks to her as well.