Zacky Vengeance's Facebook Q&A. - Avenged Sevenfold

Zacky Vengeance’s Facebook Q&A.

Zacky Vengeance took to Facebook today before Avenged Sevenfold play Centurylink Field in Seattle to take part in a Q&A with fans. Here are the responses.

“2) Any chance you guys make “Save me” a part of your setlist for a whole tour??? such a great song would love to here it live in montreal

1) do you have a trick to learning syn’s dual solo’s when he writes them up and brings them to you?” – Samuel D.
ZV: 1) Yes. He is a sweetheart and will usually send me a little video that shows me how to play it in slow motion. Otherwise I would be screwed 2) Ya we played it on most of the Nightmare tour a few years back.. I’m sure it will make its way back in someday.

“Zacky who are your favorite guitarists right now, from the 2000s era? Also great singing on runaway man” – Sean S.
Thanks much appreciated. My favorite guitarists from the current era would be Myself and Synyster Gates because we are alot of fun to drink with.

“Zacky, what’s the best advice you’ve receive as a guitar player over the years?” – Simon S.
Be careful not to finger A minor. Bah dum tsssssss

“Zacky, will Avenged Sevenfold keep releasing more music throughout the year?”
Only if you are nice.

“Hey! I loved your vocals on Runaway. How come it was decided it would be you to sing on that song? Would you consider singing on others?” – Layla S.
I called Matt and Said “hey I want to sing on “Runaway” and he said “cool!” I never mind lending my voice when a part calls for it.

“Hi Zacky…are you able to give us some back story on what made you guys want to cover Runaway? I LOVE it and your vocals are absolutely flawless. Much love!” – Kristi Z.
Thank you very much. I have always loved 50’s and 60’s music and Del Shannon was the only artist to me that seemed to be coming from a dark place at that time. I wanted to bring that song back to life after almost 60 years.

“Hey Zacky how did you come up with the idea of recording “malagueña salerosa” and after you’re done with the tour with Metallica are you planning another tour? First time seeing you at the Rose bowl and already anxious to attend another concert of yours” – Marycarmen M.
Matt loves the desert vibe. Syn loves tacos and chips and salsa. I love Kill Bill volume 2. Johnny loves Tequila and Brooks loves Chingon. It was a perfect fit. We are planning another tour at the moment!

“What band/artist are your guilty pleasures? We all have one, or two” – Lisa Marie L.
I am pretty certain that aside from a few of the all time greats, all of my favorite musicians would fall in the guilty pleasures category. I love Lana del Rey and Lady Gaga. I love the WEEKNDs new album, as well.

“Zacky, if you could do a collab with any artist, alive or dead, who would it be?” – Julia C.
Elvis Presley. Something about his life story that really fascinates me

“Hey Zacky, when it comes down to making a set list how does the band determine what goes in and how to arrange the flow of the set within the allotted time slot?” – Saad Y.
We take a look at what songs we have played in the city last time we were there. We all talk about what will keep the peaks and valleys of energy and ballads. In the end it is a compromise that fits into the allotted time.

“What is something you look forward for the 2018 tour you Guys will be doing? Also any chance you’ll come back to your guys home town Huntington beach?” – Ciristin L.
Bringing a brand new stage show that most of our US fans have yet to see. Always mixing it up. I know we will come back to HB because most of us live there. We will probably play there too cuz it’s where we rehearse. I put concerts on daily for my son and his stuffed animals.

“What other band names did you guys consider before settling with A7X?” – Alan D.
Lips of Deceit

“Hi Zacky! How do you balance life on the road and being away from your family? “ – Rosa V.
I take my family with me haha. Lots of facetime when they aren’t here and when we are all together we always make the most of it. I am always surrounded by family and friends because my band and crew are as close as family to me.

“Zacky, as a longtime fan of punk rock, what was it like recording with Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals and of course, Brooks Wackerman, formerly of another one of your favorites, Bad Religion? Personally, I would have died and gone to Punk Rock Paradise” – Corryn B.
I was so stoked. Growing up if someone would have told me that I would be playing stadiums with Metallica or singing on a track with my punk rock heroes I would have probably had a heart attack. Good thing I had to find out for myself.

“Hey Zacky. Do you have any ambitions left to fulfill? What with the band having reached new heights of success and your VU clothing line seems to be doing great, is there anything left on your to do list?” – Lisa Marie L.
I feel that we are about halfway to where we need to be. I always look at where we want to be in the future. I do have lots of ambitions to travel to knew places, play awesome shows for our fans and be the best father, husband and friend I can be.

“Now that you’re releasing new covers would you ever consider playing them live? And are you going to be releasing the six covers and Dose on vinyl?” – Griffin S.
Absolutely everything is fair game when it comes to live shows.

“If you could only listen to one Misfits song ever again, which would it be?” – David J.
Hybrid Moments

“Can you give any hints or clues about the upcoming The Stage Evolved songs?” – Lextor E.
I can tell you that I am not singing anymore of them so you guys are all in luck!

“Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle?” – Tyler W.
Kermit the frog

“Most difficult song for you to play on guitar” – William L.
“Exist because it is traveling at the speed of light

“Will u guys ever play cross roads live??” – Jaime R.
I would like to. I think it would be fun. Not sure how many fans would know it though.

“Whats your favourite song to play on stage?” – Eli F.
My favorite song to play onstage is A little Piece of Heaven. My favorite song to play on The Stage is probably Angels