Young Guitar & Geki Rock Review "Nightmare" Album. - Avenged Sevenfold

Young Guitar & Geki Rock Review "Nightmare" Album.

Young Guitar and Geki Rock have both posted small reviews of the album “Nightmare.” Check them out courtesy of Heather from Deathbat JP who translated them for us!

Young Guitar Review:
I’ve attended the listening party for “Nightmare” held by the record label. Revealing much detail of the album is not allowed but what I can say about guitar parts is.. shredding, many twin harmonies by guitars, masterly harmonies of guitars, brutal riffs, long guitar solo, high speed arpeggio, slide maybe pedal steel and orchestration. I’d love to describe so many points on the record! Lead guitarist Synyster Gates himself admitted “holding down (the volume of)” guitar solos on the last album “Avenged Sevenfold,” but this record is filled with them! In addition, we can hear striking guitars everywhere on it. This guitar will satisfy every guitar fan!

Geki Rock Review:
I’ve listened to “Nightmare” loud at Avenged Sevenfold’s label this week. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the last album but this new album, “Nightmare” is awesome! Guest drummer, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) has contributed such good work. He does respect A7X’s sound but he shows off some of his high leveled techniques here too. The varity of sound grows wider but the tone that runs through the whole album is a little heavier then before with some aggressive and speedy tracks. They made something extraordinary out of the sadness which was brought by the death of origin drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.