Xbox's Game With Fame: M Shadows - Fan Experiences + Vid. - Avenged Sevenfold

Xbox's Game With Fame: M Shadows – Fan Experiences + Vid.

Last time M Shadows took part in Xbox’s Game With Fame I asked Deathbat News readers to send in their experiences and they did the same this time around. You can read what a few users had to say about gaming against the Avenged Sevenfold front-man after the cut and watch a video (where Europe in ’12 is mentioned) that reader Shayez sent in of M Shadows and fans playing here.


“I got to play as the first batch of people..he is a truly great guy and I actually won the second match and he said my gamertag and I got so exited when he said it!” – Brandon

“Matt kicked ass. He didn’t win round one after a winning streak. He was in fourth in FFA in round 1. Round 2, he came in first. He killed me about 10 times. He pretty much killed everyone many times. That’s about all I remember and wat I think is cool.” – Joe

“I played with Shadows for about half an hour tonight. He was one of the nicest people ever and I talked previous concerts with him, talked about working with Portnoy, and talked about future tours and he talked with a few other fans about headlining it with a few other bands such as Seether. I was really lucky to have played one of my favorite games with one of my heroes and idols. Thank you Matt for giving us fans a chance to interact with you. See you on UPROAR. m/” – HDF

“I got an invite from him and played 3 games. Then he closed the lobby after completely kicking butt. He was in the top 3 every game. Which is really good because they let him play with a basic beginning set up. He closed the lobby and I yet got another invite…. And accidentally declined it. Then he sent me another invite and I joined again. We played for over and hour and everyone in the group for the most part was all chatting it up n having a good time. We talked about the revs favorite beers (which was “all of them”) and I called Matt out about shooting my person in the butt… Which he replied “I apologize for that” and then laughed. I then killed him with a groin shot later on and he called me out about shooting him there and I replied with “don’t keep your groin out in the open.” I had a LOT of fun. We asked about Arin being the permanent drummer and he said that they’re not sure but they’re seriously considering it… And also talked about how Arin was slack cuz he had no tattoos and he needed to step his game up. Lol” – Carrie

“I played 2 matches with him the first match he came in like 3rd or 4th. and I asked him about uproar and he also told me that they are playing it this year. and on the second match we played a little longer we all pretty much laughed the whole time because Matt was beating the crap out of us but he did say that his killcam was “horrible” because he had emptied his whole clip and missed and then had to finish him with a knife. And right before I left I thanked him for playing with and I had him laughing when I told him I was going to miss work so I could play with him” – Josh (gamertag trinity541)

It’s 3pm and I’m anxiously awaiting an invite from the man himself, M Shadows. I played a couple of games by myself to get pumped and ready because I knew he was an exceptionally good player. So there I am having fun when I hear a bleep and “A7X GWF 360 wants to play Call Of Duty: Black Ops” pops up. I was speechless and I mean speechless. I was about the 3rd or 4th guy in the to join the lobby and we actually got to talk for a little bit before he started to invite others. The feeling of saying, “Hey, what’s up Matt? How’s it going? How are you?” is very unbelievable. But even hearing him respond back to me, there are no words to describe it. I asked him how the band was doing (they were all at a hotel while he was playing) and told him that myself and my girlfriend love them. Just random questions about the game itself and everyone said “I love you,” it was hilarious because he didn’t know who to answer first. It was almost like he didn’t even take a breath. Try being famous and have 17 fans talking to you at the same time, its madness! He got first in his matches. He is a God at that game. He said he plays from 9pm to 8am sometimes. He’s the most dedicated gamer I’ve ever played with. My girlfriend didn’t believe I was talking to him until I had him say, “Hey what’s up Lindsay?” and she had the biggest smile and was speechless. Nobody really knew what to ask and how to ask Matt because it was just an amazing moment that will never be forgotten. Then all hell broke loose and the questions came in like crazy. I mean how often will you ever get the chance to talk to your idol? Unfortunately he forgot to enable a feature which let’s you record and keep the game footage otherwise it would be right here for all you guys to enjoy. All i can end this with is that I really hope not me but everybody too gets the chance to play with him again. It made my day and i couldnt stop smiling 🙂 Till next time….A7X FO(REV)ER.” – Sam