WWE's The Miz, "[A7X's "Nightmare"] Is Like The "Thriller" Of Metal." - Avenged Sevenfold

WWE's The Miz, "[A7X's "Nightmare"] Is Like The "Thriller" Of Metal."

The WWE’s The Miz has posted his Top 10 Artists Of 2010 and lists Avenged Sevenfold at #2. Check out what he had to say about the album below.

2.  Avenged Sevenfold – Big Ups to M. Shadows. New Year’s was a blast bro, I just wish I could remember all of it. These guys put on one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen – not just this year but ever. From the sound to the performance you can really feel every note and word. It’s indescribable. Even if you’ve never heard a song I guarantee you’ll be a fan when you walk out. It happened to me. I could start naming songs I listened to by them but then I’d have to go through the entire CD. Just buy Nightmare you’ll understand. It’s like the Thriller of metal.

Thanks to Joseph for sending this in.