WW Madison Uproar Review, "A7X Had The 2nd Best Stage Setup & Performance I've Ever Seen.." - Avenged Sevenfold

WW Madison Uproar Review, "A7X Had The 2nd Best Stage Setup & Performance I've Ever Seen.."

Weaponized Wisdom have put up a review of the Madison, WI stop on the Rockstar Uproar tour. You can read the entire thing here.

Avenged Sevenfold: 10/10

Having never seen A7X before, I did not know what to expect, and I certainly did NOT expect the stellar performance they gave us Monday Night. I can honestly say that they had the second best stage setup and performance I’ve ever seen (behind Alice Cooper), and you could tell that they had way more fun on stage than any of the other bands–not to mention you could tell the band members weren’t just band members, but also close friends, which is not often seen in rock bands these days. There were three songs I wanted to hear from A7X (Beast and the Harlot, Afterlife and Almost Easy), and they played each one of them perfectly. A7x and Disturbed both played my personal “Top Three,” a feat which some of my favorite bands could not accomplish! Maiden didn’t do it, Metallica didn’t do it, Priest didn’t do it, Rush didn’t do it, Megadeth didn’t do it, Dethklok didn’t do it, and this might be why I gave the guys a perfect score at the beginning of this review, but they truly are great live. I must admit that I was expecting some sort of fancy drum solo from Mr. Portonoy, but this never happened, and I think this is because they want him to feel like a part of the band and not the star of the show, and I was okay with this.

Top 5 Funny Moments of the festival:
2. Random skeleton man suspended in the air during the last A7x song, M. Shadows offering $100 to the person who could hit him with a shoe.
4. Random fat guy impersonating lead singer of A7x during Nightmare (first song).