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Welcome To The New AvengedSevenfold.com!

Welcome to the new AvengedSevenfold.com! Check out the introduction video narrated by M. Shadows and read through to get familiar with some awesome features available to you.

NEWS: All Avenged Sevenfold news. All for the fans. On the main-page you’ll find a mix of Official news and Fan Submitted news. Official news will come straight from the band while Fan Submitted will consist of what has been sent in by fans, subject to approval. Instructions on how to submit news can be found at the ‘Submit News’ link in the menu bar. When viewing the ‘News’ tab, you’ll see the same mixture or you may filter what you see by clicking the respective category. The categories and accompanying badge will help you determine which is which.

REAL TIME HASHTAG PHOTO FEED: Use the featured hashtag to show off your photos on AvengedSevenfold.com! We’re starting off with #DEATHBAT, though you’ll want to keep an eye out as it may change at any time. We ask that you please use this feature to share hashtag & Avenged Sevenfold-related photos.

SKINS: Customize AvengedSevenfold.com to reflect your favorite A7X era! When you choose your favorite album, the site’s skin will change to feature it’s artwork and color scheme.

MESSAGE BOARD: If you want to talk more about Avenged Sevenfold outside of the news and have general discussions with fellow fans, sign up for the message board and have at it! If you previously signed up for the Hail to the King: Deathbat message board you can use that login information.

TOUR: Check out upcoming Avenged Sevenfold shows, purchase tickets and RSVP to the one(s) you’re attending!

MUSIC: Each Avenged Sevenfold album is featured here with purchase links through iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You may also listen to each through Spotify.