Waves Of Rock Interview Avenged Sevenfold About Returning To France. - Avenged Sevenfold

Waves Of Rock Interview Avenged Sevenfold About Returning To France.

Avenged Sevenfold answered a few questions regarding their return to France for Waves Of Rock before hitting the stage in Zurich. The roughly translated version of the interview can be found below.

Wave Rock: What is it like to return to France?
– Avenged Sevenfold: We are very excited and impatient. The last time we visited Paris, was the first big scene that was French, and is one of the countries we preferred. The audience was receptive and very energetic. That’s why we’re happy to be back.

What is your favorite place in France?
– Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world, but we are also eager to play in Strasbourg and Lille … It’s hard to decide one place, I would say the whole country!

Recently, you were awarded the “Best Singer” and “Best Guitarist” at the Golden God Awards, how do you work these parts?
– This is something we take very seriously, we always try to innovate as much as possible. Much on the guitar parts on the voice is what creates our sound. We work very hard on it, we try to push our boundaries and be more creative to make things better.

Do you already started working on new tracks?
– No, we concentrate on the tour. So far, everything has gone fine, we’re going around the world, and it allows us to meet and broaden our audience. Meanwhile, leaving aside the writing.

Are you going to play the new song “Not Ready To Die” during your tour in France?
– (Laughs) No, we will not do it. This song was written especially for the video game Call of Duty Black Ops, and it was also very fun to work on it. In addition, fans of the game were very receptive. Maybe we’ll slip into the setlist a bit later, to please the fans!

When will a new album be available?
– There is nothing decided yet. We have many dates this year and next year. I think after all that, take a little rest, you know, just to be back on our feet after a loaded schedule also … Next, new ideas begin to fall into place, and then we will start working on it.

A final word to the French public?
– Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope to return regularly to play in France for some time.