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Update On Pick Syn's Next Schecter Guitar Contest.

Schecter Guitars have released an update regarding the Pick & Win Synyster Gates’ New Schecter Guitar contest and talk about devising a contest for international fans.

To our extended Schecter Family around the world,

We do understand the disappointment with our new “pick SYN’s new guitar” contest. It was not ours, nor Syn’s intention to exclude anyone.

Unfortunately, we have become a world of regulations and legalities. Listen to any contest, commercial or sweepstakes and you hear the guy with the sped-up voice running down the litany of rules and regulations at the end. Our lawyers said it was impossible for us to do this contest world-wide with all of the rules, laws and guidelines in the 194 countries around the world.

I think all of you know that if there is a guitar company out there that would say “F*ck the Rules” it would indeed be us. It simply can’t happen in this situation, and we sincerely hope you understand.

I am currently working with our International Sales manager to devise a plan with five of our bigger International distributors to help us host some sort of contest/sweepstakes with a signed SYNYSTER SPECIAL (either by Gates or maybe the entire band) as the prize. We hope to cover Europe, Canada, Australia, South America and Asia. This is in the beginning stage, and I am sure this won’t reach everyone, but we are going to do our best.

We are also going to change our current ‘contest’ to allow EVERYONE to vote on the guitar, and while this will still not make anyone outside the USA eligible to win this guitar, it will at least allow fans to influence the guitar SYN does indeed play on Uproar, which was our intent in the first place.

Michael Ciravolo
Schecter Guitar Research