Ultimate Guitar Interviews Synyster Gates In Australia. - Avenged Sevenfold

Ultimate Guitar Interviews Synyster Gates In Australia.

Ultimate Guitar spoke with Synyster Gates while the band toured Australia about touring, the gear he uses, Avenged Sevenfold’s influence on new upcoming metal bands.

Any plans for a solo album or maybe being a guest soloist on some other person’s album, along the lines that M Shadows did with Slash for his solo record?
– I don’t have any plans right now, like I sad, we kind of get pretty busy and self absorbed when it comes to the task at hand. I wish I was like… where I could just go out and fuckin’ do a million different things all at once. But if I am not doing Avenged stuff, I tend to be a fuckin’ couch potato and drink too much beer at multiple times during the day. But who knows? Maybe I will grow out of that stage and start drinking a lot of fuckin’ coffee instead and go and fuckin’ do a collaboration and write some awesome stuff.

Thanks Michael for sending this in.