Ultimate Guitar Interview With Mike Portnoy. - Avenged Sevenfold

Ultimate Guitar Interview With Mike Portnoy.

Ultimate Guitar have posted a great interview with Mike Portnoy. He talks a lot about the recording session for “Nightmare” so make sure to read it here.

What were those initial breaking-in sessions like for the Nightmare album? Did they come together seamlessly or was it trying to understand how Avenged Sevenfold worked in the studio?

For me it was easy. Through the last 20 years, I’ve probably worked with 40 or 50 different musicians in different projects both on tour and on stage and in the studio. So for me to work with other musicians is an easy adjustment at this stage of my career. I think it was a huge adjustment for those guys because they had never played with another drummers. They had literally grown up with the Rev since grade school and this was the first time they’d picked up their instruments with another drummer sitting behind them. So the big adjustment was really moreso for them than with me. My biggest adjustment was taking direction. Like I said earlier, I’m used to self-producing almost anything I play on so it was a bit of an adjustment to just take direction and work with an outside producer and having other bandmembers tell me what to play. But I was OK with that because of the circumstances.

Thanks to Bill for sending this in!