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'Tis The Season To Make A Difference: Here's How You Can…

With Christmas quickly approaching and Deathbat News having quite a following I thought I would try something new. Deathbat News reader Arielle and her mother are doing something terrific this season and I’d love for us all to be able to join in around not just the country but the world. They shared their efforts with Deathbat News and Chris Epting. Read about it below:

My friends Arielle P and her mom are helping needy kids in Orange County by gathering clothes, learning/educational toys, gift cards for food. Then they’ll be donated to shelters and other outlets that can make sure it all winds up in good, needing hands. These are awesome people doing a great thing and if you’d like to offer a little something, contact Arielle at: [email protected]

You guys can make a difference in someones life this holiday, as your gift could be the only one they receive. Below is a list that Mindy M of the band States put together of ways you can help. I wanted to post this here so everyone that takes the time out to read it can find out ways that they can help out.

Charities and Organizations – Contact your local charities and organizations to find out about their outreach to the needy during Christmastime. Offers are usually year round, accepting extra food, baskets, clothes, shoes, toys, and emergency assistance during the holidays.

Salvation Army – Find out if there is a Salvation Army in your area. The Salvation Army will often help with toy vouchers, food, clothing vouchers and other means. Their classic bell ringers collect donations to help the needy, and they put these donations to good use providing Christmas help for low income families. So next time you pass one of those people, take a second to give them your spare change 🙂

Christmas Toy Drive – Keep an eye out for local toy drives and food drives. Most stores and malls contribute to them, and you could buy a little something while you’re doing your OWN SHOPPING and just put the gift in the charity toy bin before you leave!

Letters To Santa – It’s something so small and almost free, and might mean the most to kids this holiday. You can go to http://www.santasheart.org/ and it only takes a tiny bit of your time and it’s so fun being creative and writing letters pretending to be Santa. Just remember what you would have thought as a kid if you recieved a letter back from Santa!

Humane Societies & Animal Hospitals – They can ALWAYS use your help with any donations, and free volunteer work with cleaning, walking, helping look for lost pets, etc.

Churches – Inquire at your church, asking the pastor or community outreach coordinator about receiving assistance for your family or a needy family you know. If your church is collecting food items or toys for Christmas giving, ask if you qualify to be a recipient.

Basket Of Food – Look up your local food bank and find out the requirements to receive food and produce through them, and if they have extra food baskets during the holidays to help provide Christmas help for low income families.

Friends Help – Accept offers from family and friends to help out in your time of need. That’s what friends and family are for—to help each other through the rough times, together. You can also extend your hand out.

Utility Help – Ask the utility company for information about winter assistance with heating and electric bills. Find out what programs they refer needy families to in order to receive assistance keeping the electricity on.

Visiting Retirement Facilities and Nursing Homes – Many people at Retirement facilities and Nursing homes don’t have family to come and visit them and bring them holiday cheer. Just stopping in and spending a little bit of time with them means more than you can even imagine! If you’re feeling really giving, bake some goodies, or some gifts to give to them when you come!

Deathbat News also recommends checking out a way that you can send holiday mail to the soldiers. Check out the Holiday Mail For Heroes section of Red Cross to find out how you can send a card to our American service members, their families, and veterans all over the world. The deadline for this is Dec 10th.

Also, another link where you can send care packages to soldiers though this one is for English/British. Head here to find out how you can send a package their way. Thanks Sarah for linking!