Time To Team Up, Let's Show 'Em What We're Made Of! - Avenged Sevenfold

Time To Team Up, Let's Show 'Em What We're Made Of!

Have you ever been so proud of something that you’ve made or helped make that you wish you could tell the world about? That’s how I feel when I think of what Deathbat News has become over the years and the family it has built. The only thing I have ever wanted out of this was to make a place for Avenged Sevenfold fans to be able to come together as a family and find all of the most up-to-date and reliable news and information on the band. The appreciation you all show to me and the family bond we’ve all built is something I’ve learned from and something I’ll cherish. It’s also opened my eyes to what a driving force Avenged Sevenfold fans are and how much we can accomplish if we work together to make something happen.

My question to you all is: Do you want to be a part of Avenged Sevenfold history?

TOMORROW Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” is scheduled to hit shelves and blow your minds. And believe me, it will blow your mind. You’ve all shown so much gratitude towards the band for recording this album and what better way to show them you appreciate it and care then to make “Nightmare” the #1 album on the charts in its first week! There is no better way! There’s no doubt in my mind we can rocket this album past all of the competition (honestly though, the ‘competition’ doesnt stand a chance) and have “Nightmare” debut on the charts as the #1 album. This is the ultimate gift to give to the band. And, we’re closer then you think to being able to pull this off!

How can you help and be a part of Avenged Sevenfold history? Easy! Make sure you purchase the album instead of downloading it online illegally. Buy a few copies for yourself, share with your friends by buying them a copy whether they are an existing Avenged Sevenfold fan or better yet you’re converting them into one!

I know you guys do everything you can to promote this band because they deserve all the success they generate and I think this would not only been a great accomplishment for both them and their fans but by doing this you’ll be spreading the word of Avenged Sevenfold on a worldwide stage and you’ll give the opportunity of being a fan of this band to hundreds and thousands of others. Making “Nightmare” #1 on the charts would be the ultimate and perfect “Thank You” to cap off months of anticipation and to honor them.

Who’s with me? You guys ready to put Avenged Sevenfold at #1 where they belong? Let’s do this!