Ticketmaster UK Interviews Synyster Gates. - Avenged Sevenfold

Ticketmaster UK Interviews Synyster Gates.

Synyster Gates was interviewed by Ticketmaster UK and talked about Avenged Sevenfold headlining Download Festival 2018, what it feels like to be headliners, how involved they are with their live production, their decision to make “The Stage” an evolving album, if he thinks it’s for a change with how albums are released, his plans for 2018 and more.

You’ve been changing the way albums are released, first with a surprise album and then as an evolving record. Do you think it’s time for change?
I hope so! I’m not saying what we did was exactly right or it should be repeated, but people should buy new sh*t. In this new age of everything “now”, in fractions of entire things, everything is granular and immediate. Back in the day you’d put together a huge compendium of work, nobody knew about it, you promoted it for a long time. You couldn’t download it, you were so eager to get it because you couldn’t get it. Now you get so much sh*t, you got to find different ways of surprising people and that was the most intriguing thing, if we could keep this a secret. I mean, people know what colour your underwear is these days, so there’s no real secrets. And the fact that we’ve pulled it off is definitely one of the coolest things. We owe that to our friends and family as well as our team for keeping their mouths shut and doing a damn good job of sitting this thing out. So I hope people are creative, but you have to work with your label to make sure that everybody’s on the same page and ensure that everything is exciting for everybody.