The Vault Opens At The Seventh Lair. - Avenged Sevenfold

The Vault Opens At The Seventh Lair.

The Vault has opened at The Seventh Lair. The Prophecy and A Hero Emerges have been unlocked. The Third, which is still locked, displays this message: “He cannot fight alone…”

– You can watch the video that played after The Seventh Lair’s countdown hit 00 00 00 here.
– When beating Undead Hordes the following message appears: “The first 50 blokes to obtain this knowledge will be rewarded… The answer awaits you at the 1st window here: 51.558176, -0.281686. As for the rest of the world… Stay tuned because you may be next…”
– Avenged Sevenfold announced a three-date UK concert run via the coordinates from the game. Fans who were quick to show up at Wembley Arena got tour posters and free tickets.
– The message after beating Undead Hordes has now changed to: “The nightmare abates. But the dark forces will rally. The hero must raise an army, or darkness will triumph. He cannot fight alone.”