The Man Behind M Shadows' "Rev" T-Shirt And His Experience At The Show. - Avenged Sevenfold

The Man Behind M Shadows' "Rev" T-Shirt And His Experience At The Show.

Tom C, the man behind the Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan t-shirt that M Shadows wore after having his own ripped off of him while stage diving and crowd surfing on October 30th, sent in a few photos of the shirt and his account of the event that happened. Check it all out below:

“On Saturday, 30th October, I was lucky enough to see Avenged Sevenfold play London’s Hammersmith Apollo. I think I can safely say on behalf of every other fan that braved London’s unpredictable weather and queued up for even longer than the 8 hour effort me and my mate Scott put in, Wow! I mean aside from the show itself we met some seriously cool people along the way and had an amazing time in the queue. We had a load of random fans chip in to go buy some iPod speakers so we could have A7X blasting out at full throttle. It quite simply had to be done. I swear, I’ve never had so much fun in a queue!

In preparation for what would become the show of a lifetime I made a Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan t-shirt to wear to the gig. As every A7X fan will know, the band has had to deal with some serious stuff this past year with Jimmy’s passing and I know every A7X fan wants to show our love and supported. This was my contribution. So, as it went, on came the band and off came the shirt!

After “Nightmare” and “Critical Acclaim” were hammered out M Shadows makes the second best move of the night, STAGE DIVE! It was seriously insane! But the utmost, absolute BEST move of the night came when he took my Jimmy t-shirt and wore it for the remainder of the show! Apologies to all of the woman who now hate me for providing a shirtless Shadows with clothing, my bad! Haha.

But seriously, the queue I waited in, the people I met, the show I saw, hand on heart I can truly say it was the experience of a lifetime.

Something I’ll remember foREVer.”