The Jerusalem Post's Review: Avenged Sevenfold Rocked Rishon. - Avenged Sevenfold

The Jerusalem Post’s Review: Avenged Sevenfold Rocked Rishon.

The Jerusalem Post has posted a review of Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Tel Aviv.

California hard rockers Avenged Sevenfold made thousands of Israeli fans extremely happy Tuesday night at the Rishon Live Park.

The popular band that adeptly integrates metal and pop elements into their music has for years been the target of a lobbying campaign via Facebook to get them to come to Israel. And 19 years after they formed, the band, known affectionately as A7X, finally made it to the Promised Land for a show that left no hard-core fan disappointed.

Following a well-received set by local metalist band Betzefer, A7X came out to a hero’s welcome. Aggressive, but also melodic and fun, the band seemed like they were having a great time onstage, as was the crowd, who knew all the lyrics and sang along to every song.