The Irish Times And Irish Mirror Speak With M Shadows. - Avenged Sevenfold

The Irish Times And Irish Mirror Speak With M Shadows.

The Irish Times & Irish Mirror spoke with M Shadows about fans still embracing “Nightmare,” who will decide if they are ready to carry the torch and become one of the biggest metal bands, the passing of metal musicians, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s Irish heritage, being excited for people to hear “Hail To The King,” not paying attention to the hype and doing what they want to do, making “Hail To The King” consistent with their past releases and what track he feels sums up the mood of the new album.

I ask him about The Rev and his Irish family. When he died, his family posted a death notice with the words as gaeilge “óg agus saor go deo” – young and free forever.

“When you go to his family gathering, it’s all full on Irish. They sing, they drink and they dance and we don’t do that very much in America. They really keep their Irish heritage close to them. It is pretty cool to see. Even his funeral was full-on Irish.”


“We wanted it to be special and I think one cool thing about this band is that Johnny and Synyster Gates don’t own computers so they don’t even see the stuff going on around them. Which is kind of cool because then they just write music and put it out and it is truly from the heart – it’s not got anything to do with all the madness going around and every single person’s opinion on what Avenged Sevenfold is doing.

“So it’s pretty pure and cool in that way as it’s out of the norm which I like as then you can just make music that’s pure and not even worry about it.”