The Dirty Heads' Jared Watson Talks Avenged Sevenfold And "The Rev." - Avenged Sevenfold

The Dirty Heads' Jared Watson Talks Avenged Sevenfold And "The Rev."

In Chris Epting’s newest “In The Pipeline” column he speaks with the Dirty Heads’ Jared Watson about the bands upcoming album and building a skate park in Huntington Beach, CA. He also touched upon Avenged Sevenfold and Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. You can read the entire article here.

Along with Avenged Sevenfold, the Dirty Heads have helped put focus on Huntington as a musical mecca, and Heads lead singer Jared Watson likes that his band is now often spoken about in the same sentence with his Surf City brethren.

“We went to Marina High, they went to Huntington, but we knew each other well growing up,” Watson said. “They’re awesome guys. In fact, my best friend growing up was Jimmy Sullivan.”

Sullivan, a.k.a. “The Rev,” was the Avenged Sevenfold drummer who died in late December 2009.

“I think about him all the time,” Watson said. “Just recently, we got together with the Sullivan family and some of the guys from Avenged for a memorial.”

“But another reason is that, I’m a skateboarder, and some of the best skate parks are in the cities we play around the country,” he continued. “I take my boards with me when we travel, and that’s a big part of my free time. And I’ve got to say, we need a decent skate park here in Huntington Beach.”

Taking the discussion further, Watson had an idea.

He said he was going to call the guys in Avenged Sevenfold to suggest a co-bill concert with the Dirty Heads for the sole purpose of raising money to cover the cost of a deluxe skate park here.