Synyster Gates Talks To Rolling Stone Italia. - Avenged Sevenfold

Synyster Gates Talks To Rolling Stone Italia.

Synyster Gates recently spoke with Rolling Stone Italia (Italian/Translated) about being in the music scene for 14 years, being considered “the next big thing” in metal (in regards to becoming the next Metallica), the philosophy behind Hail To The King, the arrangement for “Planets,” moving to Warner Bros from Hopeless and more.

As Slayer have debuted with a label that specializes not in your genre: they’re on Def Jam, the label hip hop par excellence, you were on Hopeless Records, one of the most important labels of American punk scene.
“Well, they [Hopeless] were always very cool with us while we were with them, but then things stopped working, so in 2004 we moved to Warner that – unlike the other majors – has guaranteed 100% artistic freedom. Hopeless gave us less control, Warner instead have allowed us to cultivate the artistic growth of the band. For years now we are with them, they’re the perfect label for us.”