Synyster Gates Talks The Synyster Gates School With Loudwire. - Avenged Sevenfold

Synyster Gates Talks The Synyster Gates School With Loudwire.

Synyster Gates spoke to Loudwire about where the inspiration for him to start his online guitar school came from, what he wanted to make sure is included in it, how important it was to have a community of guitarists around him when he was learning how to play, guitarists that have inspired him and more.

I know that you’ve done clinics before but this is the next step that you’re doing here with the Synyster Gates School. Take me into the thinking and the inspiration on how this came about and what you want to do with the school.

It’s been about six or seven years since I kind of started trying to reinvent my playing and I was a little stuck. The learning curve was basically in the studio with Avenged Sevenfold writing things over my head exploring different music and all of that different kind of stuff but, I never really studied from an actual viable source since my time at MI [Musicians Institute] until about seven years ago. I just found this wealth of information online and I know I sound kind of like a “Johnny come lately” to that kind of stuff, which I was. I mean I’ve only had an Instagram for fucking nine months.

I just went through this renaissance of passion and the one thing that I found though while I was trying to traverse the endless preludes of the maze that is YouTube and other such places, I felt like it could have been curated a little bit better. People were putting up passion projects left and right and different things they were into but, I felt like the solid system and method of places like Berkeley, Juilliard, curriculum from MI, it really didn’t exist.

So, just based on the primary adage of the necessity breeding innovation, it was just like ‘Well, what makes me the guitar player that I am?’ and I feel like, I listen to so much different music and I’m a student of so many genres of music and I feel like it’s fun to apply those things and anything super applicable to any type of music. It just enriches and deepens music. So, long story long, I wanted to create that for the fans, create something that I didn’t have when I was growing up pretty much during my formative years, so that was kind of it.