Synyster Gates Talks With Overdrive. - Avenged Sevenfold

Synyster Gates Talks With Overdrive.

Synyster Gates talked with Overdrive about who came up with the concept for “The Stage,” how writing a concept album changes the dynamics of writing, Brooks fitting into the band’s chemistry and enhancing their overall direction of record sessions, working with Joe Barresi, the promo campaign for “The Stage,” what he thought of Metallica making a video for every track on “Hard Wired,” if he feels like the future of metal is in safe hands, the new stage production, if fans can expect to hear a good portion of “The Stage” live, and if they could do a show with any band during any tour who would it be.

OD – Talking of promo campaigns, what did you think of Metallica’s idea to produce a video for every track on Hard Wired?
Yeah, that was a stroke of genius. There’s nothing like having some healthy competition. We really strive to think outside the box, by taking the standard approach the then twisting it a little all the while trying something new. Then Metallica comes along and just up the bar again with their promo. We’re a little jealous (laughs).

To be honest, I personally feel that this is a great time within the music industry as it’s forcing people to try unorthodox approaches to what is traditionally a tired model. The business model of the past simply does not apply to the way things are conducted these days. Just take bands like Metallica and us also, we are really excited about approaching things from a different angle and not afraid to try different things.


OD – If you could do a show with any band, during any tour, who would it be?
For all things considered – the partying, the sales, the venues and grandiose nature of the band, I would have to say Guns n’ Roses during the Use Your Illusion tour. That must have been fucking insane to play at a level like that with that much heat on avenged-sevenfold-and-slashyou. They are one of my favourite bands of all time, plus just partying with Slash just seems like a fucking blast. We are friends with those guys and we all get on really well, but to be the same age and have not quite drugs (laughs), being able to go full berserker on a nightly basis, would just be fucking bad-ass! I have no doubt that I would have the time of my life for sure (laughs).

If it could be any band in the world, I would have to say The Beatles. I know they would not be the best hang in terms of fun, but to be a part of that legendary musical journey and have experienced playing with one of the greatest bands that ever was, would be fucking awesome.