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Synyster Gates Talks His Online Guitar School With Revolver.

Synyster Gates talked with Revolver Magazine about his online guitar school – The Synyster Gates School, building a community within it and more.

That said, the Synyster Gates School will be more than just a place to watch videos of Syn and his dad showing you how to play, say, a Dorian mode or a five-string sweep picking pattern (though, clearly, they will do plenty of this type of thing). Rather, Gates also envisions the school as an interactive community that will connect players of all levels, as well as offer contests, competitions, interactive playthroughs and plenty of incentives and rewards for student participation, not to mention merch, swag, concert tickets, behind-the-scenes content and other unique goodies. “We’re creating an army,” Gates says. “A legion of fucking shredders.”

There’s definitely a lot of cool participation aspects. One of the things we’re spending a lot of time on in this first version is student participation. We’re going to be focusing on achievement. We’re going to have a close eye on the people that give the most effort. You don’t have to be great. You don’t have to be good. You don’t have to even have ever played. But the more you contribute, the more incentive you will be provided with.

And there will be great incentive for people to contribute to the community. We’ll give them spotlights. We’ll have featured students, like, “Johnny B. Goode here is a fucking badass at rock/blues.” A big driving factor will also be competition. We definitely want to partner with big brands and get these crazy contests going where if you teach enough kids or have high enough ratings, then, boom, you win a masterclass with me. I’ll fly you out to Huntington Beach and we’ll fucking surf and eat and play guitar and just talk shop. And that’s actually going to be there when we launch.