Synyster Gates On Ben Bruce's 10 Guitarists That Blew My Mind List. - Avenged Sevenfold

Synyster Gates On Ben Bruce’s 10 Guitarists That Blew My Mind List.

Ben Bruce spoke to Music Radar about 10 guitarists that blew his mind and Synyster Gates was on the list.

“Out of the modern players, he’s definitely one of the most charismatic ones out there. He is as a person too, but it’s his guitar work I’m talking about. In my opinion, he’s easily one of the most recognizable players in modern rock – kinda like the Slash of today. As soon as Synyster starts playing, even if you can’t see him, you know it’s him playing… that’s hard to do and hard to come by these days.

“I have a great deal of respect for just how versatile he’s been over the years, from Beast And The Harlot where he’s shredding and playing these crazy riffs, then songs like Dear God which are more country-driven as well as songs like Crimson Day which is more laid-back and bluesy.

Yet throughout it all, he has this super recognizable playing style. Sometimes I find myself thinking about his note choices which can feel quite bizarre – I’m left going, ‘Wow… you went there?!’ My brain simply wouldn’t have taken me down that route.”