Synyster Gates One Of Guitar World's 20 Best Guitarists Of The Decade. - Avenged Sevenfold

Synyster Gates One Of Guitar World’s 20 Best Guitarists Of The Decade.

Guitar World has named Synyster Gates as one of the 20 best guitarists of the decade.

Synyster Gates is about as metal as they come – he does, after all, call himself Synyster Gates and play a somewhat evil-looking Schecter Synyster Custom guitar. But while the Avenged Sevenfold axeman shreds with deadly speed and constructs dizzying sweeps and dual harmony lines, he’s hardly your average metal player.

He has a lifelong love for, and seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of, jazz and fusion styles (“When I was 18 and wanting to play shit way over everybody’s head, [Barney] Kessel was my guy,” he once told GW), and also a fearlessness when it comes to pushing the limits of his style – he defined A7X’s most recent album, The Stage, as “Star Wars on metal steroids.”

More recently, he has discussed working on his rasgueado technique and said that he’ll one day record a jazz solo album. Pushing the guitar envelope, he told us, is “literally everything to me now. If I’ve done it before, it doesn’t interest me.”