Synyster Gates Discusses His Signature Gear, His Sound & More With Musician's Friend. - Avenged Sevenfold

Synyster Gates Discusses His Signature Gear, His Sound & More With Musician's Friend.

Musicians Friend spoke with Synyster Gates about how the lead-guitarist ended up working with Schecter, having 100% input on his signature guitar designs, how he uses the Sustainiac system, his road setup, Hellwin amps, the noise get nightmare, how his rig has evolved over the years, the hardest guitar piece he had to write for “Hail To The King” and more. You can also enter to win their Avenged Sevenfold Sweepstakes which includes a Schecter C-1 guitar autographed by Avenged Sevenfold, an A7X All Access DVD, Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough CD/DVD, the “Hail To The King” single, A7X catalog CD sampler (plain cover) and A7X guitar picks. The contest starts 12/3/13 and end on 12/17/13. Please read the Official Rules for eligibility.

MF: The new album, Hail to the King, is kind of a stripped-down version of years past, but it’s still guitar-heavy. What was the hardest guitar piece for you to write and/or record, and why?
SG: Oh, my goodness. Probably “Planets,” the second to last song, because it’s just so dissonant. We really wanted to have this cinematic quality to it but maintain the catchy melodies that kind of bind it all together, so when you took it apart you’d say, whoa, there’s a lot crazy modulation, chord changes and crazy s**t going on. It’s a different kind of arrangement, but it sounds very palatable still, and communicates what we were trying to communicate. Which was intergalactic f*****g war, I guess.

MF: What was your toughest solo to do on that album?
SG: They are all tough, either writing or playing. They take pretty much the same amount of time. There’s nothing that stuck out more than another. Definitely “Planets” and “Acid Rain” are my two favorite solos.