Sonic Shocks Review Of Avenged Sevenfold's Brighton Show. - Avenged Sevenfold

Sonic Shocks Review Of Avenged Sevenfold's Brighton Show.

Sonic Shocks have put up their review of Avenged Sevenfold’s set in Brighton. Head here to read the entire thing.

The lights dim and we hear the familiar sounds of a sinister music box: it’s time for Avenged Sevenfold, as the curtain drops and the band takes to the stage; set up to look like a cemetery entrance made up of stone walls with an arched gate and two arched fences, spewing fire and glowing red during the course of the set, it lends perfectly to the image of the band and the imagery they portray on their latest album ‘Nightmare’ of which the title track tonight is the set opener. Tonight’s set is filled with the full gamut of what Avenged Sevenfold are all about: big riffs, big tunes and cock rock swagger all rolled into a well oiled production. Things slow down a little in the middle when the band unveils a picture of fallen drummer The Rev; band leader M.Shadows speaks to the crowd about the grief he and his fellow bandmates have been going through, and thanks the crowd for their support through this difficult time, before leading the band in rendition of ‘So far Away’. The band picks things back up again and the end of their set sees blinding run through’s of ‘Afterlife’ ‘unholy confessions’ and set closer ‘Almost Easy’ which brings the house down.