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Solider Review Of Avenged Sevenfold's COB Adder Show + Videos/Photo.

Mike who is currently stationed at COB Adder in Iraq posted a nice little review of Avenged Sevenfold’s show over at the forums as well as some great videos. You can check it all out by heading here.

A7X played at my base COB Adder last night. Really great show with a big turnout. They explained how we were the only base on the USO tour that was allowed to mosh and crowd surf. They played for about an hour and it looked like they had a great time. After the concert they stayed for almost two hours signing autographs and taking pictures. I was able to get my picture with just Mike and one with the whole band.

It was really great for them to do this USO tour. Everyone I talked to about the concert had a great time and it’s things like these that really help break up the monotony of these long deployments. I spoke to Mike for a few seconds and explained how I missed DT opening for Maiden back in June because of this deployment. Told him that this concert kinda makes up for it and thanked him for coming out. Even better because I’m leaving here in a few days and this was a nice treat to finish the deployment.

Couple funny things to point out. During Unholy Confessions Shadows said “Put your fucking gun down and get in this Goddamn pit!!!” You don’t hear that a concert very often. Everyone was instructed by the first sergeant before the concert that you can’t mosh if you’re carrying a weapon.

It’s hard to tell but during Bat Country I had to catch a crowd surfer. Did it with my left arm while trying to film with my right. Dude was gonna go down hard but I was the only person to get an arm under him. Lucky for him I was strong enough catch him and pick him back up with one arm. I wonder if there’s a medal for that?

Thanks Snuffy for sending this in.