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Show Your Hearts, Avenged Sevenfold Family.

Show Your Hearts has garnered attention from tons of celebrities including Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and more who are raising support and awareness. After reading this story I thought it would be great if the Avenged Sevenfold family did too. If you can spare $5 consider donating to this cause and make sure to share.

On July 3rd while returning from an annual family road trip in Colorado back to their home in Houston, Texas the Berry Family found themselves to be victims of a horrific and tragic fatal car accident. Their Minivan carrying parents Joshua and Robin Berry and their children Peter age 9, Aaron age 8, and Willa age 6 was hit head on by another vehicle who had crossed into their lane of traffic. The parents Joshua and Robin Berry were tragically killed leaving their 3 children behind. While the children did survive the crash, both boys sustained serious spinal cord injuries and they are both paralyzed below the waist. The children are currently being treated for their many injuries in a Houston, Texas area hospital.

There is a significant urgent need to raise funds to aid these now orphaned children’s ongoing needs, including medical rehabilitation, physical therapy, psychological support and education.

Show Your Hearts will facilitate the efforts of all people who want to come to these children’s aid and support them in this time of need. Donations will be made directly to the Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust.

Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust
Bank of Texas
510 Bering, 5th Floor
Houston, Texas 77057

And, to everyone in Norway affected by the tragic attacks – You have not been forgotten. Our hearts are with you as well.