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Rocknation.No Review Of Avenged Sevenfold's Norway Show.

Rocknation.No have put up a great review of Avenged Sevenfold’s show that took place in Norway back in November. Deathbat News reader Lene O was kind enough to send this in and translate it as well. Check it out below:

 The American band Avenged Sevenfold visited Norway on Wednesday this week and played for over 5600 people in a full packed Oslo Spektrum.

On the border of chaotic

Oslo spectrum was so packed with people that at times chaotic conditions prevailed at the barriers in front of the stage when Avenged Sevenfold played for over 5600 fans this Wednesday. Even before the band had gone on stage, there were several in the audience who were either so exhausted or squeezed so tight against the barriers that they had to be pulled out by the guards to not be seriously damaged, so it was good that the guards in front of the stage did a good and professional job of picking out the poor fans who were at risk. The audience being so frantic that several had to be saved a good time before the band entered the stage says a little bit of how big Avenged Sevenfold had become in the last 11 years that they have held on.

“Sevenfold! Sevenfold! Sevenfold!”

It was the only thing that could be heard the last 10 minutes before Avenged Sevenfold entered the stage. In spite of well under one-half per square meter per person on the floor, stinking sweat from the fans beside you and minutes that seemed like hours before the band got on stage, it was a really got atmosphere among the fans. The lights were turned on a little after 8:30 pm, Avenged Sevenfold entered the stage and the response from the fans were so strong that the poor tourist that lived in the hotel (Oslo Plaza) next door probably thought it was an earthquake.

James Owen Sullivan

Something that has left its mark on both the band and the fans over the past year is the death of former drummer James “Jimmy” Owen Sullivan, who died December 28

th last year. A lot of the concert was affected with this and during a part of the concert a large banner with a photo of Sullivan was showed in his honor.

–          Jimmy’s passing had been very hard for us. To complete the last album is one of the hardest we’ve done.  Says the lead singer M. Shadows to the audience from the stage.Then he asked everyone to pick up their lighters or cell phone before they performed So Far Away in the memory of Sullivan. This created a very special and emotional atmosphere that I think the fans really appreciated. People stood and hugged each other on the floor while So Far Away was performer and there were several who stood with a lump in their throat and tears in their eyes.

Coming Back

Right after So Far Away the band blasted in with the hit “Afterlife” and the sad mood was abruptly changed to cheers and screams. Everyone – and we mean EVERYONE who had standing room jumped up and down while Afterlife was performed and there was a feeling so good that the roof was going to be blown off the arena. Avenged Sevenfold captivated audiences on both good and bad throughout the concert which lasted for a hour and a half and it was apparent that the fans wanted more of the band. Therefore M. Shadows promised that they will return to Norway in the summer, so it means that this show was just a small teaser for what the festival in the summer of 2011 has to offer. Then in that case it will be the fourth time they play a show in Norway (earlier Hove 2008,Iron Maiden at Valle Hovin 2008 and Oslo Spektrum 2010) and thinking about how crowded it was in Spektrum on Wednesday’s concert, I do not think it will be a shortage of neither the audience or the mood. Rocknation will be more than happy to see these guys on Norwegian grounds several times!