Rock & Pop's Review And Photos Of Avenged Sevenfold Live In Buenos Aires. - Avenged Sevenfold

Rock & Pop's Review And Photos Of Avenged Sevenfold Live In Buenos Aires.

Rock & Pop have put up a review of Avenged Sevenfolds’ show in Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as some photos from the show. You can check the translated review out below and the photos here by clicking the “ver+” link.

It was expected that as it was the Nightmare Tour, and though this was the first time that Californians had been to our country, the show was full of songs from the present with some old gems that served for more fans to enjoy the visit from A7X to the maximum.

Before beginning “Welcome To The Family,” the band gave fans the official welcome to its unique family. A family atypical, unconventional five Californians led by returnees from the eighties and thousands of fans who have one thing in common in their lives: their passion for Avenged Sevenfold.

Synyster’s striped guitar, which was showcased in most of the show with his solos on top of the pallets, gave birth to one of the most celebrated moments of the night: Hands up, lighters seized and the voice of M. Shadows by the ballad “Buried Alive” closed one of the highlights of the night.

“Surely one day all will be up there with him and can see the great person he was,” said M. Shadows prior to “So Far Away” to remember the great Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, former drummer for the band who died in 2009 and was replaced by Mike Portnoy, today it does Arin Ilejay. The cheers of people soon arrived and capped the most emotional moment of the night.

Some encores, several twists and turns, picks and drum sticks flying to the public and the end to “Fiction” and the powerful ballad “Save Me” were among the first presentation of Avenged Sevenfold in Argentina.