Revolver Magazine: M Shadows Talks Playing For The Troops. - Avenged Sevenfold

Revolver Magazine: M Shadows Talks Playing For The Troops.

M Shadows spoke with Revolver Magazine about Avenged Sevenfold’s experience playing for the troops in the “A Salute To The Troops Issue” which turned out to be a great piece.You can now check out the entire interview courtesy of Revolver.

What were your most memorable experiences during the trip?
We went to a base [in Iraq], they still call it “Mortaritaville.” There was mortars coming through all day. People in the city who just shoot mortars into the base. They really have no aim at anything. They’re just kind of makeshift. But you’d hear a turret will go off and they’ll shoot it out of the air. We had one get through while we were there, and it just landed on the base. They get, like, eight of them a day. Basically, an alarm goes off if the turret gun can’t shoot ’em down and you have to just duck and cover. So we had two of those while we were on that base. They were far from us, but still, it was like, “Really? There’s mortars coming through?” There’s little explosives that they make by hand and they just shoot ’em into the base. They’re just trying to kill somebody.