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Read The 95 WIIL Rock M Shadows & Synyster Gates Interview Now!

Stu from 95 WIIL Rock was kind enough to send me a link to the interview that he conducted with M Shadows and Synyster Gates. Read the entire thing here! Video of the interview will be coming soon.

stu: It’s an awful situation but there’s been an emotional bond between you and your fans. It’s going to be an everlasting thing. Now that I got you on this song writing thing, I found a quote from you and I want to make sure this is right and I want to get your thought about it, “lyrically I’ve been inspired by everything from the way kids are brought up nowadays to schooling the economy, religion, war, the behavior of our government, it all plays in to how kids are so emotionally detached from the real world right now.” first of all, did you say it?
m. shadows: Yes.

stu: Was this always the thought when you’re writing these lyrics, when you first get started and you’re writing these songs? Is that the framework, the thought process or does that happen to develop since you’ve got a voice and a big crowd that’s paying attention to you, you feel some sort of responsibility to kind of get kids emotionally attached?
m. shadows: No, I feel responsibility to just be an artist and create whatever we feel needs to come out of us. I don’t really have an agenda or feel I need to pose an agenda on anybody. That quote came from a thing that with our last few records that wasn’t really the case, we were writing more fantasy stuff maybe like religious stuff. Like Beast & the Harlot is more of a story, storytelling stuff. Little Piece of Heaven was a story, a lot of stories and stuff like that. There were little pieces of that but on the new record it was initially going to be a concept record based on exactly that. And when Jimmy passed away that whole idea kinda got scrapped. It was going to be a fantasy type, nightmare was going to be the first song – so it was obviously over the top. This kid in drag was going to wake up from this dream and he was going to go through all sorts of things that we just brought up but it didn’t seem important anymore after Jimmy passed away and as an artist all we could do was write about what was really in our hearts at that time and that’s why we kind’ve opened up the wound and let it spill into the record and that’s what the record is about now. The reason Nightmare is still lyrically the same is because Jimmy loved those lyrics so much that I wanted to keep things that he enjoyed about the record and not change them.