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Geki Rock Interview With Zacky Vengeance Now Translated.

Heather from Deathbat-JP was kind enough to translate Zacky Vengeance’s interview with Geki Rock that was previously posted about here. You can read the entire translated interview here.

Translated from Japanese to English by Heather @ Deathbat-JP – (Disclaimer:I’m not native English speaker so there might be be mis-translation everywhere. It’s not Zacky V’s or the initial interviewers’ fault but my own.)

I: I felt variation of songs is widened compared to previous work. And every song are heavier and more aggressive than those on last records, especially “Natural Born Killer” with two bass drum thundering, “God Hates Us” with impressive shouts by M.Shadows. Does “Anger” play important role on this record?
Z: Well, “God Hates Us” is about anger against something that won’t work, as you can see from title. It shows our feeling during making of record directly. So this album turns out to be dark, sorrowful, unsatisfied with the world. There’s other song with “Anger” so you can say “Anger” was important factor throughout this album. But it’s not simple anger, like roaring stupidly, but somewhat sad, somewhat dark “Anger” that we tried to display here.

I: Speaking of cover art of Nightmare (album), how did you come not to expose it at once but split it into pieces and reveal it one by one during 18days like a puzzle?
Z: Actually it was my idea. We have pride in what we release to public as a band which includes cover art. So we chose not to show it once but broke it into18pieces. In that way we thought fans would have more exciting time to wait and have fun themselves. We are the band that thinks our fans very special. We weigh communication with fans heavily so sometimes we post on message board on fan site. It makes fans very happy and that makes us happy too. Because we love our fans, we put cover art into 18 pieces. We wanted our fans to study every piece so we took our time. The more pieces were revealed, the more fans’ expectation rose and we too were excited. We want to be united to fans even when we’re outside of venue.

Thanks to Heather for letting me know this was up!