Radio Metal's Interview With M Shadows. - Avenged Sevenfold

Radio Metal's Interview With M Shadows.

Radio Metal (France) chatted with M Shadows about Arin Ilejay officially joining Avenged Sevenfold, “Hail To The King” being a new chapter for the band, the album title being a metaphor, discovering new and old music, their older material, critics describing them as “metalcore,” doing guest vocals on albums by other bands and musicians, why Avenged Sevenfold chose to change their “Hail To The King” album cover and more.

Do you think it’s important that a band like you kind of teach or point out to the kids, who might not know these bands, who the forefathers of heavy metal were? Like saying: “These bands and the style of music they played is why we’re here. This is the real deal, check them out!”?
I’m not trying to give anyone lessons, but at the same time, when I was fifteen, I didn’t care where punk rock came from. I just liked all the new bands. Same with metal: I liked the Panteras and the Metallicas, I didn’t really care about Black Sabbath or Rolling Stones or Zeppelin. But when you get older, you start realizing how great these things are. You kind of look past the recordings and the production, and you realize: “Wow, this is what my favorite bands are listening to and I understand why it’s so great”. We’re at that point where we want to write a record that reflects that, but I don’t think it’s our jobs to get the new kids caught up. They’re all gonna do it in their own time. Everyone likes to go back and try to figure out where all that stuff came from, they just need to do it in their own time.