Possible "Nightmare" Album Run Time Announced. - Avenged Sevenfold

Possible "Nightmare" Album Run Time Announced.

A large German based online shop JPC have added “Nightmare” on their website with the track-listing as well as the possible run times for each song. If correct, the album would clock in at around 66 minutes.

1. Nightmare (6:16)
2. Welcome To The Family (4:05)
3. Danger Line (5:28)
4. Buried Alive (6:44)
5. Natural Born Killer (5:15)
6. So Far Away (5:26)
7. God Hates Us (5:19)
8. Victim (7:29)
9. Tonight The World Dies (4:41)
10. Fiction (5:07)
11. Save Me (10:56)

NOTE: In the interview with Zacky he said, “The whole album is, I think maybe 81 minutes long.” Please keep in mind that this not official and could possibly be missing things.

Thanks to our friend Greg from Avenged Sevenfold DE for sending this in!