Poland's Rzeczpospolita Speaks With M Shadows. - Avenged Sevenfold

Poland's Rzeczpospolita Speaks With M Shadows.

Poland’s Rzeczpospolita spoke with (Translated) M Shadows about Avenged Sevenfold’s success, playing in Poland on a special day for the country, inspiration and criticism, what he does on his time off and more.

The Polish are rock listeners and appreciate Guns ‘N Roses and Metallica…
MS: We are proud to see you like Avenged Sevenfold as the successors of Metallica and Guns ‘N Roses. A few years ago Metallica took us on tour, we were nobody. They believed in us. In 2006, they invited us to play a few shows on this side. They decided it was time to pull us out of heavy metal music and show us to a wider audience. […] Similarly, a lot of good was done for us by Ozzy Osbourne who invited us on his Ozzfest Festival. Metallica and Ozzy treated us very well, supported us and were very friendly. Today, we are trying to proceed similarly with young bands, which take in route. Metallica and Ozzy showed us how to be better people. What better ways to treat others.

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