OC Weekly Irvine Review + Photos, "Thank God For Avenged Sevenfold." - Avenged Sevenfold

OC Weekly Irvine Review + Photos, "Thank God For Avenged Sevenfold."

OC Weekly have posted their review of the Irvine, CA stop on the Rockstar Uproar tour. Check the full thing as well as photos out here.

Thank god for Avenged Sevenfold. Playing to a hometown audience following the [accidental] overdose death of drummer James Sullivan aka “The Rev,” the band played like it wanted to be heard. And the crowd’s response was deafening. The show started with an unknown individual, theoretically harnessed, dropping from a catwalk and writhing as he hung by the neck from the end of a rope. As the man swung like a pendulum, the band played the song “Nightmare.” 

Aside from the energy  was present in singer Shadow’s delivery, the guitar work of Avenged is top notch. Both Zacky Vengeance and Synister Gates do some mind bending solos, but more impressively they perfectly harmonize many of the complicated leads.  The resulting sound is reminiscent of great metal bands, not the least of which is Metallica. The entire set was rounded out with some cool pyrotechnics and stage props rigged to look like cemetery gates. Toward the end of the set, Avenged dedicated the song “So Far Away” to drummer Sullivan. Shadows said to the crowd that the band would continue playing to honor Sullivan’s legacy