OC Register Talks To M Shadows: Avenged Sevenfold Takes On The Golden Gods. - Avenged Sevenfold

OC Register Talks To M Shadows: Avenged Sevenfold Takes On The Golden Gods.

The OC Register have put up a great article in which they spoke to both M Shadows and Revolver’s Brandon Geist about what Avenged Sevenfold has in store for their Revolver Golden Gods Awards performance, their performance on the Rockstar Uproar tour in Irvine, winning OC Music Awards, their goal for the summer and more. Make sure to read the entire thing here.

Shadows is tight-lipped about what the band has in store for its Golden Gods performance but does say it will perform a few favorite tracks alongside “a couple of friends that play in some pretty big metal bands.”
Who knows what kind of royal combination could be cooked up? In its almost 12-year existence, A7X has pretty much played with all of the genre’s luminaries, from Iron Maiden to Metallica to Slash.


Geist calls A7X’s story “incredible” and says it’s been a pleasure to follow the group’s rise.

“It’s been an amazing experience and a heartbreaking one at times, with Jimmy’s death, but it’s been really inspirational to see how they’ve come back, and Nightmare has opened a lot of people’s ears to that band. They have a lot of haters, but with that album and their whole story, it shows the real character of the members, and it’s turned some of the haters into fans.

“That’s one of the reasons they’ve had such a big year: because people are realizing these guys are for real. They’re not a gimmicky boy band. They are serious artists and that’s something we really wanted to bring to the forefront by nominating them for the awards and giving them the forum to show everything they’ve got on our stage.”


“Our goal is to go there now and crush every other band — in a nice way, of course — and just go dominate this summer, so when we come back next summer or when we put out the next record, we can come back and headline. For now, our main goal is to put on the best show, with big production, and play really well, stay healthy, get ourselves set up to go tour there and put on the crazy, over-the-top Avenged Sevenfold show.”