OC Register Speaks With M. Shadows: "[Releasing "The Stage"] This Way Was Exciting To Us." - Avenged Sevenfold

OC Register Speaks With M. Shadows: “[Releasing “The Stage”] This Way Was Exciting To Us.”

M. Shadows spoke with the OC Register about the surprise release of their new album, “The Stage,” the themes on the album, the music video for the single “The Stage,” Brooks Wackerman joining the band and more.

“We just found that in 2016, if you announce a record and it’s coming out in three months and you’re just giving people breadcrumbs, it’s the most boring, drawn-out experience,” vocalist M. Shadows said during an interview earlier in the week. “Zack (guitarist Zacky Vengeance) and I were talking about how we just didn’t want to be that band and drag people along because then there’s no excitement the day it comes out. We said, if we were going to do another record, it’s going to be on our terms and doing it this way was exciting to us.”


Shadows said the guys wanted to do something “completely off the wall” with this effort and said that although there are drop-dead serious lyrics, the band wasn’t looking to come off sounding like a science textbook and still had a lot of fun with it.

“There’s one thing about nanobots and nanotechnologoy that’s called ‘Paradigm,’ and then there’s a song about nuclear war and the class system with ‘Sunny Disposition,’” he said, noting that on that last track the band was able to bring Angelo Moore and “Dirty” Walter Kibby of Fishbone into the studio.


“It’s been unbelievable,” M. Shadows said of having Wackerman join the band. “We couldn’t be happier and I don’t think he could be happier. It’s been fun to do a quick run through the United States with him and we’ve done some fun festivals. We did Mexico City (Knotfest) last week and Aftershock last night and just headlining these things and seeing him up there, to me, it’s like that’s where he’s always belonged. He just rips up there. There were 40,000 people last night watching him do insane stuff.

“It just puts a smile on my face because I feel like we’re this unbreakable team up there now and it’s been fun again. It’s been really, really good.”