Norway's Popsalongen Interview With Synyster Gates. - Avenged Sevenfold

Norway's Popsalongen Interview With Synyster Gates.

Popsalongen have put up a radio interview they did with Synyster Gates while the band was visiting Norway. You can read some the excerpt’s below and listen to the interview here at the bottom of the article.

Avenged Sevenfold loves aquavit and “lutefisk”
(“Lutefisk” is a very special Norwegian traditional dish witch contains withe fish and lye *:)

“Around 11:00 am, kids in black clothes is already waiting outside Oslo Spektrum. It’s “only” (-10) degrees and 9 hours left to the doors open, this can only mean one thing: Avenged Sevenfold is in town.”

“It’s hard for us to tell you who we were interviewing ’cause everyone look exactly the same, however he told us that his name is Synyster Gates and that he’s the guitarist.”

“This is the first time Avenged Sevenfold is headliners in Norway. (played with Iron Maiden 2 times) Synyster says that the most important thing he has learn from Iron Maiden is to be yourself”

Fun Fact 1: Synyster Gates has his own slave to carry his heavy suitcase, however he said it was a “friend”.

Synyster Gates might have misunderstood this but In Norway it’s illegal to advertise alcohol… and since this channel is owned by the Norwegian government it’s actually not allowed to have commercials at all. 😛

“Fun fact 2 : Synyster Gates don’t know the names on his own songs.”

Thanks to Ingrid for sending this in.