NME Give Avenged Sevenfold's Performance At Download 2011 An 8/10. - Avenged Sevenfold

NME Give Avenged Sevenfold's Performance At Download 2011 An 8/10.

NME have put up their review of Avenged Sevenfold’s set at Download 2011.

Vibe: Their set drew one of the biggest crowds of the weekend so far. Between the size of the audience and the amount of black flags with the band’s logo being waved in people’s hands, it was obvious that Avenged Sevenfold’s first UK festival appearance since the death of their drummer The Rev was highly anticipated.

Best bit: When M Shadows dedicated ‘Afterlife’ to The Rev, his “brother upstairs”. We all knew it’d be an emotional show, and the guys handled it really well. Also, there were fireworks at the end of their set – which is always a good thing.

Low point: No real low points of their performance. For me, the only thing I didn’t enjoy seeing was the plethora of boobs. There were more boobs on the big screen in their hour-long set than I’ve seen at entire festivals. Then again, many people would probably find that to have been the best bit…

Banter: It was more musical/violence banter. M Shadows, announcing it as his favourite part of the show, joined his band in one long, heavy musical riff as the two sides of the crowd competed for the best circle pit. I’m not sure which side won, but I am sure that at least a few people got bruised and battered in there. All in good fun, though!

Verdict: It was an emotional ride, but they pulled it off. Good music, good effects, lots of fire and lots of boobs…it was an excellent transition into System Of A Down’s headline slot straight after.

Rating: 8/10