nft now: How Avenged Sevenfold Is Reinventing The Fan Club With Deathbats Club. - Avenged Sevenfold

nft now: How Avenged Sevenfold Is Reinventing The Fan Club With Deathbats Club.

nft now has written a great article on how Avenged Sevenfold is reinventing the fan club with their Deathbats Club NFTs. Check it out here.

“We want to add so much value that you’d have to be crazy to sell that token. We want it to be like you’re treated like royalty when you have that token from the band,” frontman M. Shadows told nft now, noting that the traits are “very comparable” to what Bored Ape Yacht Club did. “We want our fans to understand that we know we can sell out our collection to flippers — we don’t want that. We want our fans to get it first, get them educated on [NFTs], get them into the space.”


“So we created the Deathbats Club, which is every single thing that [fans] want from us, which is our time, our energy,” he noted. “Allowing them to build on it — which will eventually be a decentralized platform for us — building out The Sandbox, building out the experience, building the community. And the only way we can do that is with tokens.”


“I think the band’s really excited about the utility of everything,” Syn added of the Deathbats Club project. “We’re really excited to have the deeper connection with our fanbase, and that’s what we sit around and ideate the most about — what can we provide them: free meet-and-greets, or things that are more creative, like exclusive listening parties, or guitar lessons, or tips and advice on the business.”

With this much value-add behind their NFTs, M. Shadows emphasized that he really doesn’t want the collection falling into the hands of people who just want to make a quick buck, and so, he’s intent on helping fans understand the NFT space and what holding one of A7X’s tokens means. “We want our fans to get it first, get them educated on it, get them into the space, and get them at the base level the cheapest price to get in on, instead of, they find out a year from now and the floor is 5 ETH. So our biggest thing is education.”


But even better, a booming community. “I’m always looking a year or two out: of this community that is completely thriving, they’re completely happy with owning their token, they’re completely building out their gambling in the casino in The Sandbox, they’re having parties, they’re doing virtual hangs,” envisioned M. Shadows. “We show up and do poker nights or hang out with them, then we go to shows and we can interact with these people in real life and have parties and fly people out.”

“Think about a community just based around all of these records that we’ve written,” he added. “Hopefully, it becomes bigger than the music, to where you can take that out and they still want to be part of that community. That’s my biggest hope.”