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New Ultimate Guitar Interview With Johnny Christ!

Ultimate Guitar recently conducted an interview with Johnny Christ where he talks about Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, recording “Nightmare” and his technique on bass. You can read the entire interview here.

Your fellow bandmates have described Nightmare as a much darker record in comparison to your past material. In the first stages of the writing process, did you have a goal to shape it as such?

We definitely had made the decision that it was going to be a concept record. We wanted to have a dark concept record, sort of like The Wall or Operation: Mindcrime. At the same time we wanted to incorporate some of what we had done in the past with the guitar work. We wanted to make it heavier in general. Throughout all of that, the songs that came out were musically already as dark as we wanted them to be. Then lyrically it took a different turn when Jimmy passed. The lyrics then became mostly – not 100 percent – but mostly to do with his death and his life.

Has your technique or approach to the bass remained consistent over the years?

I think as a musician you push yourself to get better. Each member of this band has done that in their own way, and I think that I’ve done that myself. We help each other out in that way. We work on each other’s strengths and keep working towards it to become more mature. There are a lot of guitar players that might want to try and do over-the-top things where it really isn’t necessary. Coming into the self-titled, I think I had more maturity and that allowed my bass to develop. For this record, I had written about 80 percent of the bass lines already before we went into the studio. That way I could work stuff out after it was laid down. In terms of the bass lines, they’re written for each song. What kind of vibe is in each song? You go by a song to song basis and try to find a balance with the guitars. I think we accomplished that on this record.

Thanks Dafna for sending this in!